Spring naar inhoud

Don’t forsake me


All the casualties that I’ve left behind.
And I, and I hide them in the corners of my mind
All the memories, but they’re not the same.
I’ve learned so many things, but the bitterness

I’m sick of drying everybody else’s tears, with nobody
to dry mine.

Don’t, don’t forsake me.
Why do you break me every time?
I’m asking you, don’t, don’t forsake me.
Why do you break me again and again?
I can’t make it alone.

All the judging and all the disarray.
You keep on trying me, but you’re only pushing me away.
I don’t want you to go, but I can’t have you’re here.
You’re just another soul that I’m making disappear.

– Duffy – Don’t forsake me.

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  1. miiickk permalink
    07/03/2011 00:36

    Dit is zó waar!

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